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Your Perfect Wedding Vows

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This compact wedding vow guide puts immediate ideas, inspiration, and samples at your fingertips! There are many different ways couples can express their love in wedding vows, and wedding words, that are personally meaningful. Sometimes this takes the form of vows they write themselves, sometimes they borrow from favorite readings or songs, and sometimes they opt for classic romantic vows that have endured through time. This book contains a clear explanation of the kind of wedding vows you can choose for your big day, and also has a wide array of sample vows from real couples. Adapt them, or be inspired by them, when creating your own vows. Great for vow renewal ceremonies, too!

Wedding Day Vows

RRP $17.99

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Rags To Riches Bride — Myrna Mackenzie

When her cheating fiancé steals her inheritance, ex-heiress Genevieve Patchett has to get a job — fast! She secures an audience with Chicago’s most belligerent boss, Lucas McDowell, but his disarmingly attractive presence leaves her tongue-tied!

Lucas is confident that Genevieve’s passion and talent are what he needs to get his women’s shelter off the ground. And it’s personally important to him that it’s a success. Genevieve could be the perfect colleague as long as he can turn a blind eye to her beautiful face, her shimmering red hair and absorbing green eyes…

Rescued In A Wedding Dress — Cara Colter

Charity worker Molly Michaels can't resist trying on a donated wedding dress. It's her dream to be a bride draped in satin and silk — but ‘not’ for the zipper to get stuck moments before meeting her new boss!

Self-made entrepreneur Houston Whitford can't ignore a damsel in distress or a wedding dress! As long as she knows he's here for business, to make dollars and dimes — and "not" for romance...

Back To Mr & Mrs — Shirley Jump

Cade and Melanie were the high school prom King and Queen — the golden couple! Twenty years on, the reunion is looming and Melanie must let the world know that the dream is no longer true. Somewhere along their journey Cade lost the one person who lit up his world. Now he’s determined to show Melanie that he can be the man she’s always wanted...

About the Author

Cara Colter was born in Calgary, Alberta, but now lives on a small acreage in British Columbia. She shares her life with eight horses, a cat and her hero, Rob. They have three grown children and a grandchild.

A journalism graduate, Cara has been making her living with words for her entire adult life. Before finding her home at Silhouette, she wrote educational materials, newspaper stories, magazine articles and even sermons!

"I am living proof that dreams come true," Cara says. "I am an ordinary person leading an extraordinary life."

Myrna Mackenzie grew up not having a clue what she wanted to be (she hadn't been born a princess, the one job she thought she might like, because of the steady flow of pretty dresses and crowns), but she knew that she loved stories and happy endings, so falling into life as a romance writer was pretty much inevitable.

An award-winning author with more than 35 novels written, Myrna was born in a small town in Dunklin County, Missouri, grew up just outside Chicago and now divides her time between two lakes in Chicago and Wisconsin, both very different and both very beautiful. She adores the Internet (which still seems magical after all these years), loves coffee, hiking, "attempting" gardening (without much success), cooking and knitting.

Shirley Jump didn’t have the willpower to diet nor the talent to master undereye concealer, so she bowed out of a career in television and opted instead for a career where she could be paid to eat at her desk — writing.

She started out in journalism, selling her first article at the age of eleven and dreaming of being the next Jane Pauley. She hosted two of her own shows on the local cable channel and was the co-host of a late-night comedy show for two years. After writing 3000 articles and two nonfiction books, Shirley grew too dependent on her robe and fuzzy slippers, though, and decided a career as a freelance writer suited her better.Then she got married. And had two kids.

Humor became the only thing that got her through the mashed potato fling-fests and toilet paper decorating sprees. At first, seeking revenge on her children for their grocery store tantrums, she sold embarrassing essays about them to anthologies such as Chicken Soup for the Working Woman’s Soul and Chocolate for Women II. However, it wasn’t enough to feed her growing addiction to writing funny.

So, she turned to the world of romance novels where messes are (usually) cleaned up before The End and no one is calling anyone a doodoo-head. In the worlds Shirley gets to create and control, the children listen to their parents, the husbands always remembers holidays and the housework is magically done by elves.

She sold her first book to the Silhouette Romance line in 2001. That novel, The Virgin’s Proposal, won the Booksellers’ Best Award for Best Traditional Romance of 2003.

Shirley now writes stories for Silhouette and Kensington about love, family and food — the three most important things in her life (if she’s being honest, though, there are many days when the order is reversed), using that English degree everyone said would be so useless.

Though she’s thrilled to see her books in stores around the world, Shirley mostly writes because it gives her an excuse to avoid cleaning the toilets and helps feed her shoe habit.

The Vows - A Marriage Monologue

RRP $18.99

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Editorial Reviews

"Well written, hip, packed with good advice."
Robin Edismo - Executive Director of the Sun Valley Writers Conference

"A guide to marriage written by two women with plenty of marital experience. Anderson and Davi have genuine insight to share and use a clever structure in organizing chapters according to marriage vows Chapter 4: To Have, Chapter 5: To Hold, etc. They cover everything from questions to ask prior to commitment, how to balance a growing family and a career, caring for an ill partner and even adjusting to an empty nest. The writing is packed full of pithy metaphors and witty allusions..."
Kirkus Indie Reviews

Book Description

The VOWS - A Marriage Monologue - Keep the Ring On Your Finger & Off the Trigger

Did you think falling in love would be enough to overcome the divorce deck that was stacked against you when you tied the knot? Has your home front become grounds for HOMEicide and you often find yourself with an itchy-trigger-ring finger?

When marriage expectations become a 4-alarm marriage reality, this hilarious guide will show you how to keep the ring on your finger and off the trigger, because no matter how much love you share, there will always be a handful or, more likely, a hamper full of annoying habits that will drive you nuts about your husband.

With a comical eye to validating the marital mayhem of everywoman through humorous, yet serious comMANdments, this marriage monologue will guide you through each marriage vow for BETTER or WORSE.

  • I DO - "Accept Him in Spite of Him"
  • FOR BETTER - "His Quiet Support May Be Your Life Support"
  • FOR WORSE - "Map Directions to Never-Ever Land - Then Never Go There" and "Learn to Debate, Not Box?"
  • FOR RICHER - "Watch for Glitches in Champagne Wishes"
  • FOR POORER - "Don't Retaliate with RETAILiation"
  • TO HOLD - "Encourage His Inner Rooster, Boys Love to Crow"
  • IN JOY - "Look at Married Life like a Bowl of Cherries, Not a Little Blue Box"
  • IN SORROW - "What to Do When, 'I'll Drink to That' Turns into 'I'll Drink to Anything?'"
  • TO LOVE - "Love Might be Blind, but Deaf Too?" and "Include Him in Your Daily Planner, Love Takes Time"
  • TO COMFORT - "Unplug the iLife & Tune into Your Home Life"
  • FORSAKING ALL OTHERS - "Hang Up on the Virtual Hook-Up"

    Uncover the dirty little secrets that make up your wedding vows and build brick-solid marriages by simplifying, applying and living The VOWS. Each of the 16 vows is wrapped by a relevant statistic that you may or may not want to be counted in.

    Take The VOWS to heart, keep the ring on your finger and you too can declare Victory Over Wedded Statistics!

Wedding Planning

RRP $14.12

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Wedding Planning Planning a Wedding for Your Perfect Wedding Night Are you engaged to be married? Before you take another step, read through this Wedding Planning: The Guide to Planning a Wedding From Wedding Organizer to Wedding Night. This book has all the basic steps you need to take to pull off a nice wedding, reception and to prepare for the honeymoon. This wedding planning guide offers a sort of book length wedding planning checklist, as each chapter details the steps you need to take. Making the wedding plans go off without a hitch requires a carefully orchestrated map, which you will find in the chapters within this book. You will gain wedding planning tips and wedding planning advice to help you take each step. There are 28 chapters plus an introduction full of wedding planning ideas within this book. You can use as a starting point for each phase of the implementation to creating the perfect wedding and reception.

Wedding Vows: I Thee Wed

RRP $20.99

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Married for love Cade and Melanie were their high schools golden couple! Twenty years on, the reunion's looming, and Melanie must let the world know that the dream is no longer true...Until Cade turns up determined to win back her heart. Popular TV presenter Belle is married to gorgeous billionaire Ivo, but beneath the veneer of her perfect life is the truth of their marriage of convenience. Now, Belle is breaking all the rules. She wants a baby...with Ivo. Carson Banick's family fortune is in his hands and he must marry a suitable woman - except his attraction to Beth, his feisty PA, is getting in the way! How can Carson choose between saving his family and claiming Beth's heart? The path to true love never ran smooth...


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