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Wedding Planner

RRP $12.99

How To Use This Daily Wedding Planner BookHow This Daily Wedding Planner Book Will Help You and Why.Use this wedding planner book to jot down your most important wedding appointments and dates. Write down notes, ideas and thoughts that might relate to planning your wedding on a daily basis in order to plan the most beautiful wedding. Success always starts with mental clarity and a logical organization of thoughts and ideas. Keeping a daily wedding planner activity a priority will help you plan out & accomplish every goal that is associated with making your perfect wedding day happen. Make the most important day of your life the most beautiful day in your life by personalizing your wedding planning on a daily basis.

Wedding Events, Photography And Organizing Book

RRP $15.99

Planning a wedding is interesting but at the same time, it has never been easy for many couples. On many occasions, most couples forget certain things that suppose to feature in their weddings due to the long stress, tension and confusion that go with wedding planning. This book manual is number one in the whole world because it takes you step by step while you are planning your wedding until your wedding is over and you will be very happy. This manual will enable you to (1.) Plan your wedding with any budget (2.) Plan your wedding in anywhere you are in the world (3.) Plan your wedding in any denomination of church that you belong to (4.) eliminate wedding planning stress totally (5.) Plan your wedding without a wedding specialist (6.) follow your wedding planning step by step (7.) Plan your wedding without forgetting any item, procedure, duty, role or anything that has to go with your wedding (8.) Plan your wedding without wedding committee (9.) Practice or rehearse your wedding speeches before the day (10.) Practice or rehearse your wedding vows before the day (11.) Compile your order of events at your wedding reception venue (12.) Compile your other of wedding photography both in the church and at the reception venue (13.) Prepare your wedding invitation cards (14.) Know all the wedding checklist (15.) Know all the people that will work with you during your wedding ceremony. And many more

Rituals And Customs Of A Hindu Wedding

RRP $29.99

This book lists all the Hindu ceremonies, what they mean, what you need to do them and finally why you are doing them. It's an all emcompassing guide for planning your wedding. It gives you control over your big day. You select the ceremonies you want to do, how you want to do them and you are not cohered by either a pundit or an auntie you hardly know. You can budget for your wedding with the help of this guide. This book is easy to read, user friendly and has checklists to ensure that you do not forget anything. This book gives you an exposure of our rich culture and symbolisms. You will do the ceremonies with understanding and enjoy your wedding day more.

Digger And Daisy Plant A Garden

RRP $19.99

Meet Digger and Daisy! They are brother and sister. These dogs like to explore their world and see new things. Sometimes they agree with each other. Sometimes they disagree. But no matter the situation, one thing always stays the same--their love for each other. In playful, simple stories written especially for the K-1 audience, author Judy Young explores the dynamics and nuances of the sibling relationship. In Digger and Daisy Plant a Garden, it's springtime and Daisy thinks they should plant a garden with good things to eat. Digger digs the holes and Daisy plants seeds for carrots, tomatoes, and other vegetables. But Digger has a surprise in store for Daisy.

Simple Wedding Planner

RRP $35.95

Planning a wedding doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. People who plan ahead typically save more money because they take the time to shop, plan and make major decisions. Save money by planning in advance with this simple and fully customizable wedding planner. This planner features a fill-in-the-blank calendar that includes up to 24 months. There are also calendar boxes that you can write extra reminders in or draw diagrams and seating charts. Use decorative rose stickers to dress up your planner and customize it more. You can also use this area to create contact lists or simply paste pictures here. This wedding planner will help you stay organized, but it also serves as a special keepsake after the wedding. Additional bonus lined pages for journaling and extra notes are found at the back. (We offer several different covers with the same interior content, so feel free to browse through our other books to find a planner that meets your style preferences). Happy Planning!!: )


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Beach Wedding Wedding Poetry Wedding Vows Plan Wedding
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